Hi! I’m harry tom, I love coding and wanna do it forever.

Some of my awesome Experiments

Some times, there are chance for explosions, Be adviced and check-out my works peacefully :)

A simplified clean mini-wikipedia, powered by wikipedia!


Play rock paper scissors with you friend online!!


A graphical script maker just made for fun.


👀 Some Other Stuffs

Doodle Code

Doodle code is a cool QR code creator engine made with c# for creating QR Code Images and also support decoding QR code images Directly.



Discoverble is a Today-In-History Project made with historyjs api. This list all the famous events, deaths and births that happened on the that day, but many years ago.


Drag me is a multiplayer game, in which slimes fight each other and last man standing wins (temporarily Down). This game can run in browser and is made with firebase!



History Today is an today in history API made with static json files forked from wikipedia to get clean results. This api has three catgories - Events, Births and Deaths that took place in the history this day!



A simple, extreme light weight javascript cookie library. Cookify JS is a simple script which lets you manage cookies in an easy way. Adding cookify JS to your project is super easy!


I am Harry Tom, i loves to enjoy programming and create something new with my self-taught knowledge.

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